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Vehicle Titles

Transferring ownership upon purchasing or selling a vehicle can be intimidating and confusing for anyone who is inexperienced with the logistics of title assignment. Did you know strike-overs, alterations, erasures, etc. (intentional or not) void Certificates of Title? Title assignment procedures can be complicated and vary across all 50 states. It becomes easy to see why industry experience and expertise are imperative. Metro Title has over 25 years experience with nationwide title procedures making vehicle sales and purchases smooth and stress free for all parties involved.

Vehicle Registration

Vehicle registration requires specific documentation and vehicle information; DMV offices will not budge on these requirements. Unfamiliarity with each state's procedures can complicate the registration process, leading to numerous trips, mailings and/or calls to the DMV, resulting in a loss of time and money. Metro Title will process your vehicle registrations and get the job done quickly and easily. Once we handle your initial title and registration work your vehicle information will be in our system when registration renewal rolls around.

State Transfer

As individuals and businesses move from state to state vehicles must follow. Let Metro Title process the paperwork required to complete these jurisdiction changes. The requirements to title and register vehicles vary widely between states, including emissions and safety inspection requirements to acceptable proof of insurance. Metro Title's tenured team will process the paperwork and complete the transaction so you and your company can focus on the move. Our local presence in 16 states, along with our long-standing relationships with DMV offices nationwide, allows for a hassle free transition from one state or county to another.

Registration Renewals

Registration renewals can be time consuming and tedious, particularly when dealing with large vehicle fleets. Metro Title can handle the task and take the hassle out of the process for you and your company. We have the ability to import registration renewal and vehicle information into our proprietary titling and registration system which results in fast and efficient renewal processing. This feature is especially valuable for bulk renewals. Because we deal directly with state, county and local DMV offices we are able to provide our services with minimal impact on your company's daily activities.

Duplicate Titles

The Certificate of Title is required for all ownership changes and must be present in order for an individual or entity to buy or sell a vehicle. Dealerships, finance companies, auto auctions as well as companies with large vehicle fleets bear the burden of title maintenance, but occasionally vehicle titles can be misplaced. The ability to quickly and efficiently obtain duplicate titles can be a challenge for those who are unfamiliar with the industry procedures. Our established relationships with nationwide DMV offices allow for expedited duplicate title processing which provides our customers with the most efficient solution for transactions requiring a title that has been misplaced.

Repossession Titles

Repossession titles allow for vehicle resale in the instance of default and repossession. Our knowledge of the state-by-state requirements for obtaining repossession titles allows for quick turn around, giving our customers the opportunity to act fast when dealing with complicated, time sensitive vehicle recovery situations. The ability to quickly sell repossessed vehicles gives lenders/interested parties an opportunity to recoup costs and/or off set losses sustained in default/repossession situations.

Lien/Security Interest Filing

Lien filings secure interest and guarantee legal right to vehicles. Failure to secure interest can lead to significant losses, particularly in the event of default and/or repossession. In most states, when a lien exists the lienholder has the right to both the physical Certificate of Title and the vehicle. Once the lien/security interest is released, the vehicle title and ownership of the vehicle are transferred to the new owner. Metro Title's extensive knowledge of nationwide lien filing requirements significantly decreases the time required to secure interest in a vehicle, minimizing the risk of loss from ownership disputes.

Title and Registration Corrections

One of the most frustrating aspects of the vehicle titling and registration process is correcting the errors that inevitably occur. Whether the issue is a misspelled owner's name or an incorrectly registered vehicle weight, corrections often require large amounts of paperwork and documentation as well as numerous lengthy phone calls. Our staff has handled thousands of title and registration corrections in DMV offices across the country. Metro Title's expertise turns these headache inducing situations into seamless transactions for our customers.

Overpayment Refunds

While Metro Title has the know-how to complete all title and registration transactions we cannot control errors made at the city, county and/or state DMV level. When DMV offices overcharge for tax and registration fees, renew incorrect plates, etc. someone must seek reimbursement of the associated overpayment(s). Metro Title is prepared to make the phone calls and provide the documentation necessary to obtain refunds. We have a proven track record in our ability to obtain refunds as we have collected thousands of dollars from DMV and other tax offices nationwide on behalf of our customers.